About Cepoint Networks, LLC
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Industry Supported by Cepoint:
Aerospace and Defense, Homeland Security, Broadcast and Multimedia Information Technology, Manufacturing and
Industrial Automation
Process Control, Instrumentation &
Products & Solutions
Rugged Computers for harsh environments
Advanced storage solutions for mission-critical applications
High performance Real-time Digital Video recorders/Image acquisition systems
Broadcast and multimedia Data Acquisition
Advanced Surveillance and Security systems
Project Handling & process
Quality all the way, always.
Cepoint applies stringent Quality and manufacturing process in every job project or product
Vendors and parts are carefully selected
Every project, job or product is per custom basis and with respect to customer requirements
Third party service and testing is used where necessary
Cepoint provides cutting edge innovative IT
Solutions applicable to broad diverse industry &
enterprises with minimal modifications, speeding
up client project deployments and faster results
for the customer.
Cepoint's products are manufactured with long-life
performance and durability in mind, bearing in
mind its' products are specifically tailored for
mission-critical applications in harsh environments
and stressful conditions.
We are constantly open to new ideas and our
customer's needs, requirements and suggestions,
and work with our customers to achieve their goal
or objectives.

About Cepoint Networks, LLC
Cepoint Networks established in 2001 is a consulting, systems integration and
manufacturing company, specializing in high performance Military, industrial strength computing, Enterprise storage products, communications, and applied computing products and technologies for scientific applications and industrial processes.
Cepoint Networks, LLC
Military Embedded PC
Industrial Panel PC, IPC
Rugged Box PC
Industrial Servers, Monitor
Military NAS, Monitor
Medical Panel PC
1U, 2U, 4U Server
Rackmount 1U, 2U PC
Rugged NAS Storage

+1(603)557-7464  or
( 603)321-3762
Industrial computing solutions All custom built or configured 1U, 2U,3U or 4U Rackmount NAS Servers
All custom built or configured 1U, 2U,3U or 4U Rackmount NAS Servers
with option of AC or DC battery power

Designed and customized for Harsh Industrial environments or military apps
NOTATION: Above product specifications are subject to upgrade or change without prior notification. Photos may not show actual product photos.
  For pricing and detailed specifications or custom configurations, please contact us at sales@cepoint.net

Pictures shown in this website are for illustration purposes only, and may not reflect pictures of actual products.
Prices shown are basic starting or  barebone prices, and are subject to change. Cepoint products or products from third part vendors are not manufactured for life support purposes, nor are the
products meant or implied for such use.
Cepoint Networks, LLC or its representatives shall  not be held liable for any loss or damage to life or business resulting from the use, misuse or abuse of its products or third party vendor products.
Warranty for Cepoint products is 1-year parts and labor, except as may be indicated in a separate quotation or proposal. Please allow 30-days delivery time frame
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