Telecom Carrier Grade NEBS Server
48Vdc /110V DC powered
Telecom Carrier Grade NAS

12-Bay Front Loading HyperScale
Storage System advantage
12x 2.5" SATA/SAS3 Hot-Swap Drive Bays in 4U
Extreme High density and  High Capacity Dual-path Storage Enclosure
Hot-swap Expander Module and Tool- less Design for Easy Service and Easy Maintenance
Redundant BMC (Baseboard Management Controller), Power Supplies and Expanders
High Performance up to 20+ GB/ s data transfer rate
SCSI Enclosure Services (SES 3.0) compliant
Windows Server 2016 /2019 Storage Spaces/ VMware Virtual SAN/ NexentaStorTM Compatible
Flexible to configure up to 4 Hosts with Hard Drive Zoning
Individual Hard Drive power cycling
Slide Rails and Cable Management Arm included
Cepoint’s RS-1700 series are designed and built for variety of commercial and industrial applications, and environments. The RS-1702 NEBS version is a Telco Carrier Grade server tailored for mission-critical applications in Harsh industrial environment, Telecommunications, ISP and industrial networking applications and environments subject to extreme conditions.
The RS-1702m version is more stringent in design and build, for targeted applications in harsh industrial environments, Mission-critical Telecoms, 24/7 Datacenters where performance in extreme conditions, agility and reliability is necessary.
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